Executive Career Guidance 


Career guidance designed to help proactive leaders confidently transform their career and executive job seekers get the job they really want.


Helping you to plan and navigate your executive career to stand out, be noticed and get selected for the career defining job opportunities that will accelerate your career trajectory and help you create a sustainable and successful career. 


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Career


We are passionate about careers. For over 18 years we have helped hundreds of executives find their new job, achieve their career goals, and excel in their jobs. 

We have celebrated the highs and supported people through the lows. To us, your career is a long-term strategy, not a short-term gain. We want to help you for the entirety of your career, not just your next job.

We understand what it takes to build and sustain a successful career. We want to help YOU achieve the career you have always dreamed about.

So, we have created four solutions to help you achieve your career goal. 

Executive Coaching 


Personalised 60 minute private coaching sessions centred around you and your agenda.

Structured conversations to identify your challenges and strengths focusing on uncovering the strategies that will help you unearth your potential. 

Taking a holistic approach to your life and career in a safe and confidential environment.  

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Understanding that your executive career is a significant part of your life, our coaching gives you the opportunity to have personalised support and practical guidance in a confidential and safe environment.

Our coaching is for executive job seekers, proactive executives, and ambitious leaders who are serious about their careers. 

We offer three different coaching options to help you create a sustainable and successful career. 

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Executive Career Guidance Online Course 


For executive job seekers looking for a new position, proactive executives looking to change the trajectory of their career, and ambitious leaders wanting to accelerate their executive career. 

Our course helps you to stand out in a competitive job market as the candidate of choice; Be noticed as high-quality talent with a credible reputation that lasts a lifetime; Get selected for the career defining jobs that transform your executive career. 

Learn at your own pace with 24/7 access to our 65+ video tutorials, templates and step by step guides. 

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An exclusive membership with personalised support and practical guidance on a monthly basis. Accessing Q&A sessions, networking opportunities, webinars and tutorials, e-books and templates for intimate assistance to help you achieve a sustainable and successful career.

For the 12 month membership you will have full access to us so you can assess your job search and application, get free evaluation CV, LinkedIn profile, and covering letters. Get feedback on practice interview scenarios and all the help you need to successfully transition your career, find your dream job, and accelerate your career trajectory.

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Heighten your visibility as high-quality talent

By heightening your visibility as high-quality talent you will stand out and be noticed by employers and recruiters. Your reputation will multiple the referrals and recommendations giving you the access to the the career defining job opportunities. 

Make it happen by taking action

When you are busy it is easy to get distracted and not focus on yourself. We are all about action. A focus on delivering outcomes. We will take imperfect actions together to execute and continuously see progress in your career. 

Transform your perspective

Your career is a long-term strategy, not a short term focus on your most recent job. We will help you transform your perspective giving you confidence to make courageous decisions that will accelerate your career and help you achieve your ultimate career goal.

We take your executive career seriously 

We want to help you take your career to another level so you can have financial security and job satisfaction.

We want you to avoid missing out on the jobs that can define your career, accelerating your career trajectory.

We want to help you meticulously prepare and plan your career so you can achieve your career goals. 

Everything we do is focused around helping you holistically. Taking everything into consideration, the whole system, so you can create a sustainable and successful career. 

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Manage your career

Meticulously plan and manage your career to help you achieve your career goal.

Create career defining opportunities

Build your confidence, clarify your goals, and change your career perspective.

Unearth your potential

Identify your capabilities and create opportunities to realise your full potential.